Traffic Advisory Committee(TAC)

Harry Snodgrass, Chairman

Peter Seitzinger, Rick Kline, Gilles Marzi,
Michael Aspromonte Watson, Carl Wolfinger, Ralph Sterner, and Harry Snodgrass

The Board of Supervisors recognizes that development pressure within the Township may lead to impacts on the transportation systems within the Township. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted Act 209 of 1990 known as the Impact Fee Law. The Board of Supervisors seeks to mitigate those impacts through financial contribution by developers proposing to develop lands and/or subdivide properties within the Township. The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) sets forth a mechanism for charging Traffic Impact Fees to developers based upon the development’s highest projected peak hour trips. In order to charge said Impact Fees, the Township has created an advisory committee who, with the assistance of the Township’s professionals (including but not limited to Township Engineer, Traffic Engineers, Planners, and Solicitors) will develop land use assumptions and conduct the roadway sufficiency analysis for the computation of the amount of the impact fees to be charged per peak hour trip.

The advisory committee shall serve in an advisory capacity and shall have the following duties:

* To make recommendations with respect to land use assumptions, the   development of comprehensive road improvements and impact fees.

* To make recommendations to approve, disapprove or modify a capital   improvements program by preparing a written report containing these   recommendations to the municipality.

* To monitor and evaluate the implementation of a capital improvement program   and the assessment of impact fees, and report annually to the municipality with   respect to the same.

* To advise the municipality of the need to revise or update the land use   assumptions, capital improvement program or impact fees.

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