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General Information

The Township of Maxatawny is serviced by three separate fire companies, which are responsible for protection its own area, however, mutual aid to neighboring companies occurs quite often. Emergency fire calls are handled through the Berks County Communications Center, located in the Berks County Services Center. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.

The Board of Supervisors of Maxatawny Township has instituted a fire tax that is used to support the local fire companies for the purchase of equipment and other items essential to the protection of life and property. The millage rate for this tax is 0.36 mils. The revenue generated by this tax is split among the three fire companies on a percentage basis by the population served within the Township by each company.

In addition, the individual fire companies hold fund raisers and other activities to supplement the fire tax in order to provide the needed volunteer service. Please consider the importance of a well maintained volunteer fire company when asked to donate to their cause.

The fire companies are always looking for dedicated people to assist in fire protection. The job is a thankless one, however, a great deal of satisfaction is derived from assisting in the protection of life and property. To volunteer, call the fire company that services your area.

Lyons Fire Department  
The Lyons Vounteer Fire Company has been in service since November 12, 1912. At that time a decision was made to create a volunteer fire company to protect the Borough of Lyons and the surrounding communities. Throughout the past 86 years, times have changed, but the Lyons Volunteer Fire Company still exists to protect The Borough of Lyons, RocklandTownship, and southern Maxatawny Township.

At the present time Station 35 operates five pieces of apparatus out of our station located at the corner of State and Main Street in The Borough of Lyons. We are an all volunteer organization that always needs help. You do not need to be a fire fighter to volunteer. We need help with fund-raising, apparatus maintenance, and general adminstration jobs (such as accounting). This help could free up the limited amount of fire fighters that volunteer now for training that is mandated so that we can protect the population of the communities that we serve. We currently have 25 dedicated volunteer fire fighters. These fire fighters all have other jobs and families yet they still find time to dedicate many hours of the week to protect their neighbors. Many times the volunteer fire fighters are up half the night at an adccident or fire. Or, they are up half the day at an accident or fire. Because, for the most part the fire fighters who respond during the day work third shift. Most of the volunteer fire fighters do not work in the same community that they live in. So please don't be surprised if you see two or three companies at an accident or fire.

The Lyons Fire Company mails out an annual fund drive letter each spring. The funds that are generated through this letter are what keeps the fire company in operation. The Lyons Volunteer fire Company realizes that the citizens of Maxatawny pay a fire tax. At this time we are currently saving this money for the eventual purchase of a new pumper. The money that we
receive from our annual fund drive is used for the general operating expenses during the year. Such as insurance, apparatus maintenance, and equipment to protect the men and women who are protecting you the citizens of Masxatawny Township.

If you ever have any questions or if you would like to volunteer please do not hesitate to contact the fire chief or the fire
station. Remember to be safe, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and seat belts save lives.

-Station 35 610-682-7936
-FIRE CHIEF Nathan Keller
-ASSISTANT CHIEF David Wartzenluft
-CAPTAIN Tyler Delong
-LIEUTENANT Andrew Turner

Topton Fire Company  
The Topton Volunteer Fire Company #1 is lcoated on 600 State St., Mertztown.

Organized in 1915, The Topton Fire company serves the needs of Topton Borough, Longswamp Township, and Maxatawny Township with an area
of about 25 square miles. The fire company currently operates 7 pieces of apparatus including 2 engines, 2 tankers, 1 rescue unit, 1 brush unit, and a utility vehicle.

The Topton Volunteer Fire Company #1 is a volunteer department with approximately 35 active fire fighters with various levels of training certifications including Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Firefighter III, E.M.T. First Responder, Paramedic, and HAZ-MAT. The Topton Fire Company responds to approximately 250 emergency calls for service annually. These calls include structural fires, brush fires, vehicle accidents, rescues, and ambulance assistance calls. Non-Emergency calls include pumping details, traffic control assignments, pool filling, etc.

Although the Topton Volunteer Fire Company #1 receives municipal funding, the majority of the operating funds come from community donations and various fund raising activities such as monthly breakfasts at the fire hall.

The Non-Emergency telephone number is 682-7600. Emergency phone calls are handled by the Berks County Communications Center by dialing 911.

Officers of the Truck Crew
Fire Chief, Jason Robinson
Curt Swoyer, 1st Assistant Chief;  
Daryl George, Assistant Chief;
Yenser, Deputy Chief;
Randy Sicher, Captain;
Ward, Andrew Brooks, Doug Windish, Lieutenant;
Dale Warmkessel, President;
Peter Moyer, Vice President;
Denise Salvadge, Treasurer; Steve Kline, Recording Secretary, Scott Younger, Financial Secretary.

The Topton Volunteer Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary is an active group of women who support the fire company with various fund raising activities throughout the year. These activities include craft shows, bake sales, etc.

Kutztown Fire Department   

The Kutztown Fire Company, as it is today, was organized on January 14, 1908, and was incorporated on April 1, 1918. Its service to the community and its achievements exemplify the countless hours the men and women have given voluntrily in self-less service to the community.

The history of fire fighting in Kutztown dates back almost one hundred years before 1908. Records reveal that in 1816, only one year after the borough was incorporated, fire ladders were provided. As early as 1820 steps were taken to secure the purchase of a fire engine, but it wasn't until 1830 that the first fire engine was purchased. Dr. Christian L. Schlem, George Bieber, and William Heindenreich served as a committee of the citizens that purchased the engine, which of course had to be housed since no engine house existed. Benjamin Bachman was contracted to build an engine house for the sum of $44.75. In 1836 the fire company, then in existence, complained that the engine was out of repair. In 1840 another engine was purchased, and in 1841 Dr. Bieber was appointed as a committee of one to produce a fire bell for the American Fire Company which was incorporated on April 22, 1844.

In 1854, there being no fire companiy in existence, owing to the engine being out of repair, the young men of the borough petitioned the Borough Council for permission to organize a company. The request was denied. The engine was repaired by Paul Hilbert and Henery Glasser, but not thoroughly it would seem, for in 1858 another $200.00 was spent for this purpose
by the D. B. Kutz and Company.

In 1860 the Borough Council decided to build a new engine house, but the civil war delayed the project until 1871. A two-story brick fire hall was erected at 439 West Main Street at a cost of $1,349.00. Fire Equipment was housed on the first floor and the borough offices were on the second floor. This served the purpose until 1915 when a new Town Hall was
built on North Whiteoak Street.

Since the organization of the company in 1908, it had been the desire of the company to build its own fire hall for its needs. So on April 1, 1947, a 540-foot by 150-foot plot of land on Noble Street was purchased from Wilson B. and Mary Kutz for the sum of $7,170.00. After much discussion and consideration on the part of the trustees, plans were formulated and it was found necessary to raise approximately $210,000.00 in order to proceed. At the end of the fiscal year 1948 records show that $65,000.00 cash was available. With the assurance of a local back to loan the necessary monies until a bond issue could be floated, final plans were completed by the building committee and the contract was awarded to Edward A. Reider & Sons.

Ground was broken for the new fire hall on May 13, 1949, and the firehouse opened for business on April 1, 1950. The cost of the new building was $225,000.00. During the 11 months of construction various organizations and members of the company and community made sizable contributions. The first floor of the hall contains an appartus room and banquet hall with a stage, kitchen, and bar. On the second floor are a meeting room and a small janitor's apartment. The basement contains a large social hall with 4 bowling aleys and a card room.

During the early years of the compnay, funds were raised by sprinkling the dirt streets of the borough, holding band fairs, renting the hall to outside organizations, and operating the social quarters. On October 22, 1931, the company purchased land adjacent to the First Dam just north of Kutztown to build a swimming pool. With some financial help from the borough, the pool was completed in August 1932. This was a source of income for the company until 1963 when the Borough built a new pool along the Saucony Creek.

In 1918 a manually controlled electric siren was placed on top of the powerhouse, this served as the first alarm system. In June of 1924 a contract was signed for the installation of a Gamewill Fire Alarm system with a horn to be located on top the Town Hall. This system was used until 1983 when it was replaced with a tone activated radio pager system.

On July 1, 1915, the company received a Brockway Chemical Hose combination motor apparatus for $3,000.00. This apparatus was in service for 10 years until the need for more modern equipment was realized. On November 30, 1924 a new American LaFrance 750 gallon triple combination motor apparatus was purchased. The company also had in its possession a hook and ladder which had once belonged to the Washington Fire Company of Reading.

In 1937 and American LaFrance 500 G.P.M. Pumper was purchased for a cost of $35,000.00.

In 1945 the company purchased an emergency truck with an auxiliary pump and a lighting plant. In 1947 a new 750 G.P.M. American LaFrance pumper was purchased. In 1968 a new American LaFrance 1000 G.P.M. pumper was purchased to replace the 1937 model and a 1600 gallon tanker was also purchased at the same time. Then in 1972 a 4000 gallon tractor
drawn tanker was added to the fleet.

At present the Kutztown Fire Department runs approximately 250 calls annually and covers about 40 sqaure miles, which include residential and rural areas, a light industrial section, a university and Interstate 78. The fire department Truck Crew has about 40 members which operate 5 pieces of equipment, which include a 1996 Pierce Dash pumper with 1500 G.P.M. pump and a 1000 gallon water tank; 1981 Hahn Custom Pumper; 2001 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue vehicle; 1987 Mack/4 Guys 1800 gallon tanker and a 1981 American LaFrance 100 foot aerial.

Officers of the Truck Crew are Eric Diehl, Fire Chief;
Don Battista, 1st Assistant Chief;
Dale Rothermel, 2nd Assistant Chief;
Mike Russo, Deputy Chief;
Todd Evans, Captain;
Brian Frey and Josh Young, Lieutenant;
Ben Hoffman, President;
George Kustrer, Vice President;
Keith Miller, Treasurer; and Andrew Niver, Secretary.

Other sites of interest are,
which is a site containing pictures of Kutztown and others surrounding companies in action.


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