Ambulance and Paramedics

Emergency Medical services are provided to the Township of Maxatawny primarily by Kutztown Ambulance, a service of the Kutztown Area Transport Service, Inc. (K.A.T.S.) K.A.T.S. is in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing Advanced Life Support and Basic Life Support Ambulances to the Borough of Kutztown and surrounding areas for emergency and non-emergency needs. K.A.T.S. has over 40 highly trained and highly dedicated Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics who truly care about this community.

Kutztown Area Transport Service, Inc. was formed in 1984 in order to continue providing emergency and non-emergency ambulance services to Kutztown Borough and the surrounding communities. This occurred due to the Lion's Club being unable to continue their support due to a lack of volunteers. At the time, the service consisted of Basic Life Support ambulances, as was common in Berks County. As the community and the needs of the community have grown, so has K.A.T.S. It began as a transport service, then became a primary BLS and ALS for the Borough.

In 1997, we began providing additional services to the community. Our ambulances and staffing were upgraded to allow us to provide Advanced Life Support services. This provides paramedic services to residents of the Township within a few short minutes without having to rely on out-of-town services. Minutes can be the difference between life and death. Our state-of-the-art Mobile Intensive Care Units can care for a vast array of medical and trauma emergencies on the scene and while enroute to the hospital, so life-saving medical intervention can begin as soon as we arrive. During the busier hours of the day, we currently have two Mobile Intensive Care units in service to be prepared for almost any medical emergency that comes along.

Typically, the hospitals that we would take you to in an emergency would be The Reading Hospital and Medical Center or St. Joseph Medical Center in Reading, or if you prefer the Allentown area, you might request to go to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest, Lehigh Valley 17th and Chew, or St. Luke's Allentown Campus. But, transport services are not limited to the local area. We frequently do long distance non-emergency transports, especially to and from the Philadelphia area.

Another service that was begun in 1997 was the addition of wheelchair transports. Community members that need to be transported to and from hospitals, doctor appointments, or other places, and are unable to ride in a car but do not need the services of an ambulance are welcome to use this service. You can travel in your wheelchair, or if you do not have one, we can provide one for your use.

Along with our transport services, we also provide standby services for many local events. Our ambulances are seen at all local football games, Junior High, High School and College, as well as many other sporting events like bicycle, foot and car races. We also provide standby services to the fire company when there is a serious fire in the area.


The Kutztown and surrounding communities can rest assured that as it grows, so will we. Kutztown Area Transport Service, Inc. (K.A.T.S.) is committed to be the highest quality emergency medical service in the area well into the next century.

Some tips from the members of K.A.T.S.:
1. Please prominently display your house number or HELP number. We can't help you if we can't find you.

2. Post your address (and HELP number if applicable) near your phone.

3. Teach your children to dial 911 for all emergencies in Berks County.

4. For non-emergency (routine) ambulance or wheelchair transports and standby services, call 610-683-3012.

5. When in doubt, call 911.

6. Keep a current list of all medications, allergies, and medical history for all members of your family. Giving this list to the ambulance crew can save vital minutes. It should either be posted on the outside of your refrigerator, or placed in a container inside the refrigerator.

The Topton Community Ambulance Company also serves a portion of Maxatawny Township, primarily in the Northeast section of the Township. They can be contacted by calling 610-682-4333.



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